How early should we book you?

High season is between May and September. The sooner you ask me, the better. Usually I get booked between 6 and 12 months in advance.

Do you work alone?

Basically; Yes! However, I am supported on longer days and big wedding reports by a second photographer / assistant. This can also be explicitly requested for smaller gigs.

What if youf camera fails?

II am always on site with at least 3 bodies in the luggage. So nothing can go wrong. Also, I am generally a security fanatic and always be on the road far too early to be punctual.                                                 

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Do you work everywhere?

There is no limit in this regard! I work everywhere and love traveling too!

Can we meet in person in advance?

Yes, please! I think it’s great to meet for a coffee or a beer beforehand. So we can talk about your wishes and ideas and last but not least, get to know each other! Alternatively, I also like to talk to you via Skype.

Are you passing on the RAW files?

No, you do not order the individual ingredients in the restaurant, but the finished menu and the corresponding service. You book me because you like my style. That's exactly what you will get from me!

What happens if you get sick at our wedding day?

In this case, I could fall back on 2-3 very competent colleagues who would step in in any case. But it takes a lot to knock me out and has never happened before. So if my head is not just hanging from a thread, I'll be taking photos at your wedding!

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How many pictures do we get from our wedding?

As a guideline, You can count with at least 50 photos per hour. I sort out the best pictures and edit each one individually. It is also important to me that the moments do not repeat themselves and become boring when you look through them. However, all images are saved by me if someone should be missing on a photo.

When do we receive our wedding photos?

During the high season in 5 to 8 weeks. Quality is very important to me and that's why I like to spend enough time in postproduction working on your pictures until they are perfect.

What if you blow up our budget and we would have to eat rice in the next few weeks?

Either that or you just talk to me about it. I think that it should not fail on price. Of course I have to pay my bills, but a solution was always found. ;-)

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